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Drywall Manufacturing Machine

Drywall Manufacturing Machine


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Gypsum board production line is mainly composed by the following section: Dosing section Dosing section is for storage. metering. conveying all the plaster board used by the raw materials. and finally into the next process of vertical mixer.Raw materials mainly dry plaster powder. accelerators. starch. additives and other powdered glass fiber.Plaster powder due to a larger amount. after silo. bucket elevator. screw conveyors and other transportation equipment. the high-precision closed-type rigid impeller feeder into the high-precision electronic belt continuously metered to the double helix mixing conveyor.This system is set up and the excess material back spiral screw conveyor feeding system to ensure that the electronic part called feed constant state. greatly improving the measurement accuracy of this system.Forming sectionForming section includes paper (face and bottom paper) treatment systems and vertical mixer. forming platform. molding machines and other equipment. Paper handling system is mainly composed of automatic splicer (lift. uncoiling device. stock paper machine). pull device. adjusting device. tensioning device. automatic correction system. indentation device. ink jet printing devices and other components. Following the above The wet board section That wet plate solidification and transport section. Wet strip on the 1 # 2 # solidified conveyor belt gradually solidified. 1 # solidified belt with Pull on a pneumatic device . be used for Pull the head of gypsum board belt in the production starts. Then through after a series of treatment such as spray. leveling. treating edge to become the finalize wet gypsum belt. and a and the water evaporated during solidification. After entering the back of the conveyor roller. wet start-sided strip evaporate moisture. After the initial solidification wet strip roll into the biaxial rotary knife cutting machine. double servo motor independently controlled by the upper and lower rollers for high precision cutting knife. After cutting wet plate accelerated by accelerating roller group entered into 1 # lateral plate roller. Plate Group 1 # transverse cross conveyor machine translated be face up after the overturn. the two raw board into the distribution of dryer through outlet roller two double Dry sectionThe distribution machine for two belt conveyor type. can reduce the extent of the wet plate bent during transport. thereby reducing the rejection rate. Meanwhile. the distribution machine also has a board group close function. Drying machine for direct combustion in the form of natural gas. the use of the most advanced Eclipse (or other imported products) gas burners. not only reduces the thermal heat loss. but also effectively and accurately adjust the air temperature. and fully guarantee the dryer work regime. Input board section of the dryer with the chase board function. so that a gap between the front and rear board set to minimize. to ensure the dry mass of the dryer. Doors and roof. floor design of the dryer has a hot off the bridge structure. At the same time the door seal with a special material and structure of import and export between the dryer and the District has stainless steel curtain so that heat loss is minimized throughout the dryer. The dryer also has a special burnt edges to prevent board structure. wet exhaust gas introduced soon partially cooled mezzanine curtain and door. not only to cool the plate edges. but also increased the humidity. thus effectively preventing the board edge over-burning phenomenon. The drying machine is also provided with heat recovery system. the heat of the exhaust gas discharged through the fresh air heat exchanger. the hot air into the dryer new departments. to further reduce heat loss. The trigger(outlet boar machine) for the 12 pieces to be one structure. The upper 11 floors oblique rollers gypsum board eventually enter by the bottom level belt conveyor discharge.That dry plate process section. gypsum board from Discharged from the drying section of a double row rough belt conveyor laterally into the # 2. and then enter booker through the conveyor machine. If dry waste board or long board then straight into the dry waste plate roller. Double row gypsum board machine in the synthesis of a group of co-plates after entering 3 # laterally. when the downstream equipment failure will board on the cross conveyor roller into the selection of films. edging into the cutting machine when the downstream device is normal and fine-cut Hemming. After the board by edging stack (two boards a stack) into the reservoir plate machine. reservoir into four stacked eight push into the finished belt. When be pack (4 stock for 8 pieces ) enter to to the finished board stock. the chain conveyor drop. When the belt machine down. the 4 stack was put into the chain plate conveyor by forklift. The chain plate machine down a height after bidirectional alignment.then go into another round of cycle.When arriving the stack's height.the chain plate convey the stack to the output roller.At the same time.the input roller is put into a waste plate or wood frame.Then the chain plate lifts up fast to welcome next stack.Single stack's advantage is that it can directly connected with the automatic packaging line after the stack output roller.In this way. it can greatly reduce the operating personnel and the working strength.improve the work efficiency and automation level. Meanwhile.You can store it by stack after using the forklift t


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